Dr. Hatfield of Fairmont WV is rude and unprofessional and needs to take classes in business management and consumer relations.

His staff needs overhauled! His form of payment is pay pal... can't he afford to get a credit card machine in his office to take payments? The paypal will not accept benefits debit cards given to you by your insurance to pay for meds, office copays ect...Get a new system Mr.

Hatfield and stop screwing over patients.

Your office system is juvinile and you need to have respect for your patients or soon you will have no patients.. I don't expect him to last long in Fairmont!!

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Fairmont, West Virginia, United States #937196

I've had several issues with payments/scheduling and I agree one of the front desk attendants is very rude…I think dr hatfield is a wonderful dentist but I switched due to his office staff (excluding dental hygienes, they r wonderful)


I'm so angry with Dr. Craig Hatfield's office that I could spit nails.

Last week, before being admitted to the hospital, I called his office and made an appointment to get my mouth looked at. They scheduled me for Thursday, even though I told them it was bad. I was in the hospital for 5 days because the antibiotics weren't working. Therefore, I missed my appointment at Dr.

Hatfields office. Imagine my surprise, on the day I was released, to find a bill for $25 in my mail for a missed appointment fee. I called and explained my situation, and the woman stated she would leave a note for the billing woman. No problem, right?

Wrong! I received another letter from them today stating I still owe it and that it was just too bad. I will NEVER use this dentist again.

This is a horrible way to do business. I could understand if I was just messing off and forgot, but I was hospitalized, couldn't really talk, and was on IV antibiotics and pain killers.


I have been a Patient of doc hatfields for years. He has ran my credit card every time no problem.

I have been there 10 times or better. Some people need to get their big boy shoes on before publicly calling out a great doctor like doc hatfield. My entire family goes to him and have never and I mean never had one problem. Billing is honest and fast, work is state of the art, how can u complain about this guy?

Doc if u read this, this is Jason, I am still loving my flapper u made!

U said I would prob put it in a drawer and not wear it, but I wear it 24-7!!! U did great man.


:cry Listen, this is the same pt that is constantly moaning about us. We took paypal for a very short time because our ge money credit card machine that I have had for years went down.

If you don't like coming, please just find another dentist. I have tons of pts, most that really like me, you take up their time they could be seen. You need to grow up and accept responsibility for your actions. You acted up, and got kicked out of our office.

YOu don't see me running my mouth on you so please keep your comments to yourself. One more outbreak, and I will contact my lawyer for all the lies you have spread across the internet on me.

to Dr. Hatfield #1013922

Maybe it is you that needs to grow up Hatfield. I went to you for years until your office screwed everything up.

And speaking of accepting responsibility, maybe you should have thought of that before you filed bankruptcy, both professionally and personally. Pay you bills like an adult!

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